Bidens Astounding Climate Breakthrough Job One for Humanity

Biden’s Astounding Climate Breakthrough – Job One for Humanity

Wait what? Joe Biden and the John Kerry Climate Clowns are forwarding this new way to reduce the global warming emergency. And it gets even better…


Since pledging to reduce global fossil fuel use at COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow, Joe Biden has developed two new brilliant policies to reduce global fossil fuel use and lessen the global warming extinction emergency.

Policy 1: Ask all of the oil-producing nations of the world to produce and sell more oil. And,

Policy 2: Order the US government to release an extra 50 million barrels of oil to reduce gas prices for the American consumer.

These two fantastic policies came into being after careful study of the extensive research that conclusively shows that the higher prices are for fossil fuels, the more people conserve and use less of them.

It appears that no one in the Biden White House climate team understands the global warming extinction emergency and how soon it will unfold. So to help those climate geniuses develop more brilliant policies like the two above, we have provided the following links.

The honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

The four global warming extinction tipping points.

A detailed analysis of how a global warming triggered collapse and extinction will take place.

We simply cannot understand how or why Biden and Kerry would so betray the climate movement? It certainly could not be for their personal political gain. If you can figure out why they did this after just making pledges to do the exact opposite at the COP26 climate conference, please comment and let us know your opinion.

And finally, to help the White house catch up with their climate intelligence briefings, here are two essential educational baby steps first:

The ten most important facts about today’s global warming emergency. And,

The nine things people most often misunderstand about the global warming extinction emergency.

In our humble opinion,

The Job One climate research team



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