Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Elon Musk all had two abilities that they used to create inventions.

Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Elon Musk all had two abilities.

Since the millennium, we’ve been describing and identifying geniuses in order to learn more about how their brilliant minds work. People in the time of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla used to say that innovative and genius individuals like them were gifted. Well, it depends on how the term “gifted” is defined. In general, we believe that creativity is a curious thing that can only be managed by a few fortunate individuals. Innovativeness and imaginative abilities are being linked with God’s blessing in different parts of the world. This raises the question of whether or not God exists. What power does divine justice have to serve only a few chosen individuals? As a result, I decided to look into it and translate it for myself and everyone else in order to assist people like you and me in aspiring to be like them one day.

After reflecting on the lives of various creators and prodigies such as Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Elon Musk, I’ve come to the following conclusion: No, they are not endowed with exceptional abilities or gifted in any way. In reality, they’re all the same as we are. They concentrate on the only skills that matter!

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Here are the two typical skills or abilities that the considered geniuses, inventors, and visionaries possess, based on research and analysis.

  1. Abundant Imagination

The act of visualising items that do not yet exist is known as imagination. The ability to see beyond the present and the reality. Knowledge and information about current events will help you become a better lawyer or journalist, but they won’t make you a brilliant inventor. Many great inventions have been thought to be impractical based on the present state of knowledge. Inventors like Einstein, on the other hand, never let facts limit their creativity. Here’s an easy trick that I think you’ll enjoy. Creative geniuses let their imaginations run wild by using their brain’s full ability to imagine things. They use logic and science to transform the product of their imagination until they’ve finished with their imagination.

A brilliant idea begins with a simple act of creativity. In certain ways, science is bred by imagination. After you’ve used your imagination, consider how you can use modern facts, experience, and science to accomplish what you’ve only visualised or imagined. If these steps are followed correctly, they will result in creativity and invention.
— Nikola Tesla, for example

Nikola Tesla is a well-known inventor who is responsible for the fact that we have electricity in our homes. Tesla created an induction motor, which was the first to use alternating current. He read hundreds of books on electricity while imagining all of the ideas, and before inventing the motor, he was actually able to imagine how that motor would operate only by using his imagination. So is the power of creativity, and geniuses use it to create new things.

We have a lot of ideas, but most of the time we don’t take them seriously or act on them. These geniuses, on the other hand, take each and every thought seriously. In reality, they spend the majority of their time debating their ideas. The act and method of imagining things is the first step toward genius-like abilities. Now, imagination is critical, but what follows is even more crucial. Practice and hard work.

  1. A lot of practise and a lot of hard work

It’s always said that it’s all about IQ, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t always the brightest student in his class, but he was always the hardest worker. Before founding Ford, the great Henry Ford struggled in business many times. Teachers once told Thomas Edison that he was too dumb to comprehend and learn. Even most of our generation has never been named that in school.

So, what’s the best way to describe these things? These individuals had an average IQ. Well, it’s a lot easier than you would think; most of the brilliant inventors we’ve ever met simply work the hardest and to the point of exhaustion. Elon Musk is a great example of this.
— Elon Musk, for example

The billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has had a year that has seen him sleep on the factory floor and work more than 120 hours per week on occasion. Musk, who is extremely inspired and guided, is the only person who has ever gotten to that point! Musk claims to have reduced his weekly work hours to a more “sustainable” 80 to 90 hours. This is due to his health’s long-term negative impact.

Musk has also admitted that his team has worked long hours this year, up to a whopping 100 hours per week on occasion. In an interview with Recode earlier this year, he explained the challenges and roadblocks that electric car companies, especially Tesla, face in order to stay competitive and creative. Musk also admitted to sleeping for a few hours, working for a few hours, sleeping for a few hours, working. Every day of the week.
final thoughts

Now you know that the vast majority of talented innovators and brilliant visionaries are just like us. We will definitely and ultimately figure out where to begin in order to emulate Tesla, Jobs, Einstein, Da Vinci, and Musk. Our capacity would be endless if we put more hours of commitment and practise into first, creativity, and then hard work. The idea of the Ten Thousand Hour Rule was stated in a book written by Malcolm Gladwell, and according to this rule, you can learn or master anything you want if you spend at least ten thousand hours studying or practising that ability. It means that you practise your craft, talent, or something else you want to learn for 8 hours a day. It will take you approximately four years to become an expert in your field. This is a trait that all successful people in the twenty-first century share.

Know that if you want to be a figure of creativity and vision in your profession, you must put in more effort and focus solely on these two things starting today. The more time you devote to them, the closer you get to your objectives and your ideal life.

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