What Is Brain Hacking Unlimited Brain Hacking Powers

What Is Brain Hacking? Unlimited Brain Hacking Powers

Have you ever heard of the phrase brain hacking? So… what is brain hacking, and how does it make you “unlimited” or “superhuman?”

Ok, that’s exactly what I’m planning to discover in this informative post. I’ve been asking this question for years now, and I believe I have all of the answers you’re looking for!

What is Brain Hacking?

Brain hacking is when a person deliberately tries to enhance their cognitive ability and/or increase their overall level of brain function through the use of particular strategies, processes or technologies.

This could include (but not limited to) memory-enhancing training (think of neuroplasticity), holistic diet (feed of the mind), physical activity (mind of the body) and my favourite; the use of nootropic supplements!
But before we plunge too far into the universe or the hacking of the brain… I want you to think about something like that.

Is Brain Hacking really Achievable?

While it may seem a little trivial to talk about this, have you ever considered that the Great Pyramids are one of the most peculiar wonders of the world?

Pyramids remain a mystery, an undiscovered mystery. How is it possible to create a building that is so huge, without any heavy machinery and technology?

There is no entrance to the pyramids, but the imagery and sensors have shown the presence of rooms inside!

Who were the Egyptians, huh? Have they been superhumans?

Or did they manage to hack their brains?

Is their thinking capacity more sophisticated and superior to today’s modern man?

Guess, we’re just going to have to find out!
Pyramids-Supreme brain hacking

5 Broad Aspects to Sharpen The Mind with Brain Hacking!

In this post, we’re going to cover 5 broad aspects for you to sharpen your mind. For you to deal with the increasing demand for information, and also to make your life much more interesting!

What Is Brain Hacking Factor One, The Human Mind:

Our memory is what makes us who we are. The lessons we have learned in the past form our future. But we are underestimating the capacity of memory.

We can cause it to do better than that!

Stay tuned, because we’re about to tell you some mind-boggling tricks that will unveil a more charismatic and clever version of YOU!

Let the memory games start!

Become your own counsellor.

We also refrain from talking to ourselves, out of fear that anyone might mark us insane.

All these stereotypic views are nothing more than a heap of absolute shame. I say, who knows you better than you do? Talking to yourself in technical terms is called brain priming.

If you don’t understand that, let us offer a very simple example;

Let’s say that you’ve visited a store, and you’ve automatically opted for this particular brand of cereal.

Why have you done that?

Probability says you’ve seen a funny and engaging advertisement/commercial, but you can’t remember it very vividly.

It did have an effect, however, because your brain stored it as an essential piece of knowledge!

This argument has been proved by several studies.

Cereal subconscious brain preference
Now let’s talk about a more realistic case.

You’ve got an exam coming up, but you don’t seem to be able to retain anything.

Next, as you research, you decide to start your brain, so that one particular word will remind you of the next. You pick a collection of terms and align them with the details you want.

For example, the word ‘heart attack’ is meant to remind you of ‘aneurysm.’

And then ‘aneurysm’ is supposed to remind you of the next piece of related material. This is a wordy cascade!

Using acronyms to do so will improve the experience of brain priming!

A simpler way to do this would be to equate terms with graphics and visuals!

All in all, you are giving the brain a stimulus to start a series of memory events in which one piece of information leads you to the next one!

How cool is it?

Address Your Emotions

Have you ever found yourself sobbing while watching a depressing film?

Congratulations on your achievement!

You’re now a full-fledged human being!

Aside from the jokes, this is a real strategy!

The Meisner Technique is based on the concept of encouraging people to break free from their internal shackles by adopting a character.

You may want to sign up for one of these because it includes drama and theatre. In any case, practising this strategy helps you to reconnect with unspoken feelings while also preparing you to understand those of your opponent.

Meisner developed this technique to help actors become more accomplished, but over time he realised it was also a psychological technique that enabled actors to express all of their deepest emotions!

Emotions can make you feel insecure, but it’s still easier to be vulnerable outside than inside.

Abandon Your Comfort Zone

I know, it sounds better as a quote than as a target for execution, but if you really want to hack your brain and get real results… One of the most powerful brain hacks is to get out of your comfort zone.

That’s because most people aren’t aware of the great things they can do when they step outside of their comfort zone.

Many talented people are labelled failures simply because they were placed in a position that did not match their personality. Try confronting whatever it is that you fear or dislike.

Only once, please!

Fear entices thoughts and emotions, which stimulates the mind and makes it more alert.

It might not be the most fun experience, but it will certainly persuade you that you are capable of accomplishing something you never dreamed possible!

And just having that feeling is a fantastic vibe!

Put a Focus on Your Daily Activities

I won’t expect you to log in and write an entire blog post.

Only a random line from your day that spoke to you the most, or a one-liner about what irritated you the most.

It can seem to be pointless, but writing anything down will help you remember things in the future.

Something you wrote a few weeks ago could come back to haunt you during an incident.

And it will undoubtedly provide you with a fresh and refined viewpoint!

Trial & Error

Since we are all people, we all make mistakes.

And that’s perfectly fine; making mistakes is one of the qualities that distinguishes us as human beings.

You’ve always heard the adage that “practise makes better.”

It is absolutely right!

Training helps you to recognise the failures on and attempt so that you can progress on the next. You should keep practising until you’ve honed your skills to a fine point.

If you’re having trouble with algebra, for example, hold it nearby.

Still keep an eye on your adversary.

Continue to practise, even though you despise it, and don’t give up.

It could even become your friend one day!

And that will be your brain hacking success storey, albeit a slight one, but nevertheless a glorious one!

What Are Meta-Skills? (Meta-Humans or Meta-Skills?)

What are meta-skills, and what do they entail?

Some abilities that are superior to the average human ability set!

Today, meta-skills cover a wide variety of potential abilities, and some of them must be adapted to the individual’s abilities.

They can be anything from learning to feeling to dreaming!

What sets them apart, though, is that they are a more advanced version of the abilities you already have.

Although we all dream, astral projection (which is nuts, I know) will be considered a meta-skill.

You must thoroughly master your baseline skills before you can turn them into meta-skills.

Memory Palaces

A mental trick that dates back to the days of the Romans!

The Method Of Loci is the foundation of this technique. The idea revolves around a fascinating concept. Put yourself in a position where you can’t seem to remember a series of instructions or codes and decide to employ this method.

If you’ve done so, you’ll have a series of graphics to help you compare the details with the codes or instructions.

Imagine getting a library inside your head that you can go to anytime you need anything. It’s a literal journey to the deepest recesses of your mind!

It reminds me of the movie Inception!

The Forgetting Curve By Hermann Ebbinghaus

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are often linked to old age.

The Forgetting Curve, on the other hand, shows how our memory retaining abilities deteriorate over time on a graph. Until you make an attempt to reclaim the past, the memory that you normally ignore!

This is why the aforementioned tips and tricks are so important: they will help you make your forgetting curve less forgettable!

Hebbian Theory Of Neuroplasticity

This may be difficult for others to understand or comprehend, but we’ll do our best to make it as clear as possible.
Brain hacking with neuroplasticity
The brain’s machinery, or neurons, was addressed in the previous article.

Now that neurons are made up of synapses, you might think of them as a neuron’s vending point where neurotransmitters are discharged.

The neurotransmitter is discharged from the pre-synapse and obtained by the post-synapse.

Now, Donald Hebb discovered (Hebbian Theory) that by repeatedly stimulating the pre-synapse, which in turn stimulates the post-synapse, you can improve the output or efficiency of a neuron.

It also makes a great deal of sense!

In layman’s words, the more you stimulate the cell, the better it works.

This gives rise to the phenomenon of Hebbian learning, a one-of-a-kind method of learning and grasping concepts without making mistakes!

Associative learning is associated with Hebbian learning.

Memory In HD: The Hippocampus

The word hippocampus refers to a seahorse, not a hippopotamus.

It is a vital part of our brain that plays a key role in episodic and autobiographical memory planning.

Assume you’ve travelled to Greece.

And you adored the atmosphere and everything about it.

Your hippocampus will keep track of this “fresh” experience, as well as coordinating with your amygdala to keep track of your impressions and feelings about your ride!

For those who are less fortunate, such as those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, much of the hippocampus’s function is lost.

Brain Hacking Tip: Using smart medications, such as nootropics, is a perfect way to keep the hippocampus (and overall brain) safe and intact.

Brain Fog – Memory’s Worst Enemy?

Have you ever had the feeling that you both can’t seem to grasp what the other is saying?

Or, when you wake up with a sudden jolt of panic, doesn’t it take a few seconds or minutes for your mind to reset?

This is referred to as “brain fog” or “consciousness clouding.”

Stay tuned for our next post, in which we dive deep into the topic of brain fog, as you’ll be surprised at how much this phenomenon affects us all!

Tutorials Or Pictorials?

Understanding and storing information on complicated topics such as the Theory of Relativity can be challenging!

But not if you grasp it with images or pictures and then store it in your head!

If you want to learn something different, try using pictures and graphics.

It’s always a good idea to connect images with pieces of details that are difficult to remember.

Speed Reading – An Amazing Brain Hack Anyone Can Learn

Reading books is a practise that is slowly but steadily diminishing.

Nobody wants to read a book when there’s a whole documentary or film to illustrate anything.

It’s a shame, because reading improves our cognitive abilities.

You will hold more details if you read faster!

However, you must first train your mind to do so.
There are a few things you can do to train your mind to read faster and retain more information:

First, memorise the contents list of any given data/script.
While reading each chapter, particularly the technical ones, ask yourself questions, and then work out the answers once you’ve finished.
Try to put yourself in the author’s shoes and relate to him or her.
If you’re trying to develop your reading skills, read silently because vocalising texts requires more energy and is harder to remember.
Switch off any devices that are causing you to be distracted!

What Is Brain Hacking Factor 2,  Overlooked Sleeping Habits

This takes us to the second part of our mind hacking tutorial.

Let’s start at the beginning!

What Is The REM / NREM Sleep Cycle?

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is an acronym for rapid eye movement.

Now, we go through both of these sleep stages, starting with Non-REM sleep.

Non-REM sleep is divided into three stages, each of which gradually drives you deeper into sleep before you enter the REM level.

Although non-REM sleep causes your brain to become relatively inactive (as your blood pressure and temperature drop), REM sleep causes your brain to become extremely active!

REM sleep occurs approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep and is associated with high-functioning brain structures that are responsible for dream induction!

Why Is REM Sleep Cycle So Important For Our Brain?

An person will experience a total of 4-5 REM sleep cycles on average.

The catch is that if you’re an insomniac, your REM sleep patterns will almost certainly be disrupted.

Your REM sleep cycle will undoubtedly suffer if you have a messed up sleeping pattern.

And since these processes are so closely linked to brain activity, the mind can produce a weakened and diminished version of cognition and comprehension.

This is why having a good night’s sleep before an exam is always a good idea!

That’s because it has an effect on your thinking abilities, especially your critical thinking abilities!

Sleeping Aids! Brain Hack Your Mind While You Sleep?

Melatonin is a well-known hormone.

At the very least, the vast majority of us already do! In reality, millions of Americans use it on a monthly basis.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 3.065 million adults reported taking melatonin in the previous 30 days in 2012.

Melatonin is a natural hormone generated by our brain’s pineal gland that aids in the control of sleep cycles!

Since insomnia is a real issue, Melatonin’s use in dietary supplements was often a given.

Another common and natural choice for sleep induction is lavender essential oils or sprays – the fragrance is what makes us fall asleep!

You might spritz it on your pillow or simply use it for aromatherapy!

Other commonly used sleeping aids are:

  • Valerian Root
  • Glycine
  • Passion Flower Tea
  • Gingko
  • L-Theanine
  • Magnesium

Productive Bedtime Routines:  Positive Habit Forming Brain Hacking!

Your bedtime routine is more important than you would think!

Developing the habit of reading a book for only 10-15 minutes per day can have a positive effect.

You should actually do something constructive instead of reaching for your phone and scrolling through social media applications.
If you don’t read books, try any of these positive and entertaining bedtime rituals:

  • Meditation/Yoga
  • A bit of mild exercise
  • Expressing gratitude for what you have
  • Getting a nice massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Log into your daily journal
  • Take deep breaths in fresh air

What Is Brain Hacking Factor 3,  Start Challenging Your Mind With IQ Tests & More

IQ Tests

We’ve all heard about IQ exams and are always hesitant to take them.

We’ve gotten over our fear of being called “dumb” or “stupid.”

However, they are an excellent way to test your thinking skills, and you should never be afraid to take them.

They’re not only perplexing, but also entertaining!

Taking IQ tests on a regular basis will sharpen your mind and improve your reasoning abilities.

The Pineal Gland (Also known As: The Third Eye)

The pineal gland’s role has already been addressed.

The crux of the matter is that it will calcify!

Fluoride, have you heard about it? What’s in toothpaste tubes for avoiding cavities and protecting teeth?

It can also be present in water sources, and too much of it can cause the Pineal gland to calcify.

And that’s terrible!

Since it will not only throw off your circadian cycle, but it will also interfere with the development of essential Melatonin.

You may as well wish your sweet dreams farewell!

A CT scan may reveal the presence of calcification.

Here are a few things you can do to help detox your pineal gland:

Reduce the amount of fluoride in your body by installing a filter in your water supply and using a toothpaste with a moderate amount of calcium (complete elimination of Fluoride is bad for your teeth)
Turmeric, Tamarind, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Vegetables, Chaga Mushrooms, Raw Cacao, and Iodine-rich supplements are examples of brain-nourishing foods.
Non-stick pans should be avoided! That is, without a doubt, poor things!
As much as possible, opt for organic products.
Reduce your sensitivity to blue light.
Every day, exercise and meditate.

What Is Brain Hacking Factor 4,  Change Your Life By Changing Your Morning Routine

5 AM Productivity: The Secret Mindset Hack of Millionaires and Billionaires!

What do the vast majority of millionaires and billionaires share? (Along with a good work ethic, of course!)

They get up really early and schedule their days to the best of their ability!

Getting up early will make a big difference!

You have more time to relax and prepare ahead of time.

Taking a breather in the fresh air this early in the morning when helping yourself to a wholesome and nutritious breakfast – do not miss breakfast – is always a good idea.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and it prepares you for your busy day so you don’t have to think about hypoglycemia or impaired comprehension!

You can still take care of the things you planned to do late at night if you get up early.

Circadian rhythm is extremely essential, and the human body is constructed to obey it.

Sleeping late at night will only harm you, while waking up early will be beneficial to your brain – and your soul!

If you’re serious about brain hacking, you may want to reconsider your sleeping habits!

Cold Showers Shock The System In A Positive Way

I agree that getting out of your comfortable, comfy bed is one of the most difficult things to do.

BUT – it gives you the perfect wake-up jolt!

Give it a shot! In comparison to days when you don’t want to shower cold, you’ll find yourself twice as mentally alert and concentrated.

This is the perfect stimulation for your brain to prepare for a busy day ahead.

And in humid weather, this is nothing short of a godsend.

Note: During the colder months, avoid showering with extremely cold water; lukewarm water will suffice!

Meditate & Relax

A morning routine that includes some yoga and time to enlighten yourself with spiritual thoughts is a great way to start the day.

When the rest of the world is sleeping, you have time to communicate with yourself.

Calming silence will relax your senses and get you ready for the day ahead.

Meditation not only helps you overcome anxiety, but it also helps you avoid it in the future.

So try to make it a routine.

Meditation can take several forms; for others, it’s as easy as reading a favourite book!

Find out what makes you feel at ease!

What Is Brain Hacking Factor 5, Vision Boards!

What you’re looking for is already looking for you.’

A vision board is a fantastic way to keep your goals in front of your face, literally!

If it’s a medical degree or a set of six-pack abs, flaunt it!

Grab a board or some other thing that you can put on your wall and scribble down any wish or goal you want to achieve in the next 5 or 10 years.

You’ll be astounded by how successful this simple method of brain hacking is!

It constantly reminds you of why you’re fighting and gives you the extra push when things seem to be falling apart.
board of vision
It’s in Harmony with the Law of Attraction!
This legislation constantly reminds you to keep a good outlook in the face of adversity!

When you attract what you believe to be your fate, the world responds to your calls in very queer ways.

And this rule isn’t just a piece of philosophy; quantum physics backs it up.

So never undervalue what you’re looking for!

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